Bouillabaisse and crêpes Suzettes, during the spring weekends

2 april 2018
Bouillabaisse and crêpes Suzettes, during the spring weekends

Every weekend, the Bouillabaisse and the Crêpes Suzettes comeback at Dessirier.

Share the unmissable Bouillabaisse, in 2 courses (57€ per person), a typical and convivial dish of the Phocéenne city forming part of our culinary heritage. With its shells, langoustines,Saint-Pierre, dorade, vive, red mullet grondin (galinette) without forgetting its golden croutons and saffron, it will take you on a trip to the shores of the Mediterranean.

And for dessert, taste the crêpes Suzette style (12€) prepared with love by our pastry chef every Saturday and Sunday: 3 gourmet pancakes flambed by our maître d'hôtel in the dining room, with Grand Marnier, sugar and orange, for the greatest pleasure of the eyes and taste buds...

This spring, you will no longer have any excuse not to come and spend a convivial and gourmand moment during your weekend.With family or friends, discover these mythical dishes or the chef's creations à la carte according to your appetite and your desires!

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